Branded Games

Offer your customers a chance to win branded merchandise, discounts or free items.

Our games are inspired by the classic arcade titles from the 80s and 90s.
Designed to be simple to play using one thumb, providing fun and kid-friendly game play.


Key Features

  • Instant and require no downloads.
  • Shareable via a link or scanned QR code that can be placed anywhere (pizza boxes, takeaway bags, drink cups etc).
  • Optimized to play on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Seamlessly integrated with a leaderboard to show ranking to drive engagement.

Custom Game Mechanics

  • Tower defense games
  • Endless hopping, A Frogger-inspired game
  • Incremental/tap to earn (AdVenture capitalist)
  • Time management games where players serve customers in a restaurant setting
  • Party Games where players use their smartphones or tablets as controllers

We can help you design the right game mechanics for your campaign

Customization Options

Basic: Branding Essentialspencil logo

  • Change in-game colors to match your brand palette
  • Add your logo throughout the game environment
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Pricing starts at $600

Ideal for small businesses seeking good value.

Standard: Customize ItemsCrayon logo

  • Redesign main character and game elements around your product story
  • Replace collectibles to match your brand industry
  • Immersive experience tailored to your campaign goals
  • Pricing starts at $2500

Perfect for established brands wanting more customization without a full game rebuild.

Premium: Total RebrandPaintbrush logo

  • Reskin the entire game with your brand visuals and industry theme
  • Fully customizable environments, characters, textures, and audio
  • Total brand integration across all game elements
  • Pricing starts at: $5000

Full customization to suit larger campaigns.

Bespoke Game Developmentpalette logo

  • Create brand new gameplay mechanics tailored to your campaign goals
  • Build a unique gaming experience around your brand story
  • Full creative control over game genre, mechanics, progression, and more
  • Pricing starts at: $9000

For brands wanting a completely original advergame built from the ground up.