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Why Use Games For Product Marketing

Brand awareness

By incorporating your brand messaging into the game experience in a subtle, non-intrusive way, more users will be exposed to your company and what you offer.

Data collection

Branded games provide an effective way to collect voluntary user data. By engaging users with incentives, you gain valuable data for future campaigns as they agree to receive marketing content.


Games are highly engaging and keep users interested for longer. This allows your brand messaging to reach users in a fun, interactive way while they are focused on playing.

Virality and reach

Fun, challenging games tend to get shared by players, expanding your audience where each player becomes an influencer for your brand.

Repeat visits

Compelling games encourage players to keep coming back to advance to new levels, collect rewards, and compete with others, driving repeat visits and long term engagement.

Ease of sharing

Advergames are instantly playable and easily shareable through links or QR codes, without requiring any downloads or installations.

Iconic Branded Games

How It Works


Design or customize an engaging game to reflect your brand identity with a logo, colors, and product visuals for enhanced brand recognition.

Gamified Rewards:

Set up a leaderboard-based rewards system for high-scoring players to receive discounts or special offers, encouraging game engagement and incentivizing purchases.


Create a dedicated landing page to promote the game via social media, in-store displays, or QR codes subtly placed for example on pizza boxes, takeaway bags or drink cups.

Data Collection:

Integrate an email collection form or email link sign-in at the end of a game session for submitting players scores.

Customer Retention:

Utilize collected emails for customer follow-up, rewards distribution, and newsletters featuring upcoming promotions to boost sales and customer retention.