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At NakNick, you can buy HTML5 games for your website or product with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin or Litecoin.

HTML5 Game Development for your brand

We can develop tailor-made killer arcades games for you from scratch coupled with the classic and catchy game mechanics.
Just tell us what you have in mind and we will make it happen.

Let’s consider the following case study:

Client A asked us to develop a game Saloon Panic for his boutique brewery for promotional purposes to gain better interaction for his marketing campaign.

Just because games provide better engagement, unlike static content - Client A gained better traction which led to better brand recognition and later to better sales.


Reskin Solution

We can provide a re-skinning solution to adapt our existing games for your specific needs.

Let’s consider another example:

Meet Client B who liked Saloon Panic game. However his budget is limited so he dicides to convert Saloon Panic to his Sushi Bar promo game.
The game mechanics would remain intact but the “skin” of the game would be redesigned to meet Client’s B design criteria to befit Sushi-bar’s style.

  • Where Bartender turns to sushi chef
  • Beer mugs to sushi plates
  • Beer barrel into sushi table etc.
Got the concept?


Other game design & development services

  • Game bots for Telegram
  • Porting games to Facebook and Telegram
  • Interactive games for marketing campaigns of your product
  • API integration
  • Pixel Art Design
  • Bespoke Playable Ads
  • Game cover design

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